Create UserService to User Dependency

This page provides directions to create the dependency from UserService to User using RSM.

  1. Open the Services class diagram in the service package.
  2. From the Containment Tree on the left, drag the User class on to the diagram. Warning: It is important to bring in the existing User class from the domain package into this diagram. Don't create a new User class in this diagram.
  3. Right-click on the User class. Uncheck Filter > Display / Hide Compartment > Attributes compartment and Filter > Display / Hide Compartment > Operation compartment. This will close the attribute and operation compartments.
  4. Select the Dependency relationship from the toolbar (7th icon from the class diagram group) and create a dependency from UserService to User.
  5. Make sure your class diagram matches the one shown on the right.
  6. Save your timetracker model by double-clicking on timetracker.emx and clicking on File > Save (Ctrl + S).
  7. SelectFile > Export.... Choose UML2 Model and then click onNext. As source select /TimeTracker/timetracker.emx and as destination browse to C:\timetracker\mda\src\main\uml.

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